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Performance Focused. Results Driven.

Online Marketing has really transformed business advertising in recent years as businesses tend to go online to find their targeted customers. No matter what business you are into, online marketing should be at the very heart of your overall marketing strategy. A lot of companies find online marketing as the solution to attracting more paying customers. What better way to achieve this than hiring a proven online marketing expert in the UAE? So, what better place than SEODhya, the premier online marketing agency in Dubai, UAE.

Our focus is helping businesses generate more leads and revenue using proven online marketing strategies in which we use SEO techniques to increase the number of visitors to your website through ranking higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages: what comes up on the #1 place when you search for something on Google), paid ads such as pay-per-click (Ads you see on Google) and social media advertising such as Facebook. We are the premier Dubai online marketing agency that works around the clock to get businesses results. Working with our online marketing agency assures your business better performance and yield maximum return on investment (ROI).

About SEODhya

SEODhya is an online marketing agency founded by Zia Abdul Azeez with an ambition to helping local businesses with their local-SEO and businesses established internationally, to drive leads and convert ultimately them into paying customers.

About Zia Abdul Azeez

Zia Abdul Azeez is Google and Microsoft Bing certified Digital Marketer and Web Designer. With over 3 years of hands-on experience in the field of web designing & development, search engines and online marketing channels that shape every business’ very existence online, it is vital to understand what strategies work today and could bring results as opposed to what does not work anymore. His exceptional planning and SEO strategies from on-page architecture to off page techniques will shoot up websites on top of search engine ranking safely and most ethically in industry. Having spent months in researching search engine strategies that work among 200 search engine ranking factors that determine the position of every web page, he has identified in-depths of ranking factors that brings up web pages to the top of search engine organic results.  In addition to his skills in search engine ranking factors, Zia Abdul Azeez is also a results-driven specialist in Pay Per Click ads on Google AdWords and Bing Ads as well as social media advertising platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A team without boundaries

We have a team of well-trained professionals, from native English SEO-copywriters from the UK to professionals that create info-graphics, and website contents who will be delegated tasks as needed. The entire team has the flexibility to work remotely from locations they choose to work from providing exceptional and quality work at all times. The team consists of more than 4 search engine specialists and over 8 content creators spread across 4 countries, which means you get link juices to your website from international IP addresses which in turn would boost your page ranking.

In-house expert

When you decide to work with SEODhya, Zia will personally meet in person to give a brief about the services and results we will achieve for your business. Be sure of three things:

  • Absolutely 100% white hat SEO techniques allowed by search engines will be implemented
  • All techniques are organic and handcrafted. No automation involved.
  • Zia will personally work on and optimize your website and oversee backlink juices for quality.

“Anyone that claims to make guarantees to bring your website to the top search result is an SEO you should avoid” Google is not stupid!

We work on a three-pillar approach:

  • Natural strategies
  • Expertise and
  • Guidelines followed

Our strategies are unlike the companies that “promise” to get your webpage on top of Google search results for free enticingly and then charge you lump sum amount. Such techniques are usually performed using black-hat SEO loopholes or software that creates thousands of unnatural backlinks in a short period of time in a way to trick search engine algorithm resulting in a dreadful penalty by search engines upon discovery. Do not risk the future of your online presence.