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Google Search Engine Marketing is one of the quickest, easiest and effective ways to reach in front of targeted clients who are actively looking to buy your products or services. Our PPC agency in Dubai can provide maximum results with minimum investment. Search Engine Marketing is a profitable place to advertise your products and services. Consider this example: It would cost over $15,000 to broadcast a 30 second TV advertisement covering a huge crowd with no targeted audience whereas, a $15 pay per click advertisement on Google AdWords can target specific audiences who are actively searching and have the potential to convert a click into making a purchase. You could invest such a huge amount for an entire year to a specified audience perfectly timed. PPC always yield a maximum return on investment (ROI) if done correctly.




How Google AdWords work?

Google advertisements are shown on search engine result pages (SERPs) when a user inputs an inquiry searching for products or services, as well as on Google partner websites. Our PPC agency in Dubai is a certified Google Partner. In the UAE, Google AdWords framework functions as follows:

User types in words related to a product or service he or she consider buying online. Now Google displays the results based on the search query above organic or natural search results in the form "Ads". Also, Ads will be displayed on the right side of the search engine result page. When clicked on the advertisement, the user is taken to your business website homepage or a particular landing page on the website. You will pay per each click on the advertisement (Pay Per Click). Google runs an automated auction to determine the place of your advertisement based on the amount you bid as well as the quality score of your ad copy. As an experienced PPC agency in Dubai, we know the insights of this algorithm.

“To effectively reach potential customers, your text ads should be specific, relevant, attractive, and empowering”.

SEODhya-Search-Engine-Marketing.jpg Google AdWords campaign management: Set an average daily budget and then based on the strategy we adopt for your business, allocate the fund to at least two campaigns in order to experiment which works best for your business. Next step is to choose the most important and well-targeted keywords that your potential clients type in. If your business is established in Dubai, we can filter the location to people who live in Dubai by defining a certain radius. Also, we can target a specific gender, what days and hours the Ads to display, the interest of the people and languages spoken.

Measurement: All Ads can be measured in real time to understand the cost, Ad-positions, number of clicks, and impressions monthly or weekly. We will answer your question regarding Google AdWords advertisement data.


Remarketing allows your ads to be shown to potential customers who have previously visited your website or used the mobile App when searching for products or services you offer. When these visitors leave your website without making a purchase, remarketing comes into play and connects with them. Relevant ads will pop on their screen when they browse the web and as they use mobile apps.

Our SEODhya, PPC Agency in Dubai will spend your money diligently on researching in-depth profitable keyword analysis to ensure that we only bid sensibly on keywords that are highly likely to convert keeping in mind the budget and ultimate goal in mind.

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For immediate results, target customers on Google and Bing Ads for relevant terms