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As a social media marketing agency in Dubai and working across all across the UAE, we help you thrive in business. We bring you quality leads to make the way easy to convert them into paying customers.

What is Social Media Display Advertising?

Social media display advertising is the process of advertising on a Social Media platform in front of targeted audiences within a specific demographic location or interest. The service is very often paid each time a user clicks on the advertisement) or when the advertisement is displayed (if cost-per-impression/CPM model is chosen). We are social media experts in Dubai that understand the insights of lion’s share of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.


Why Use Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is immediate in nature; your ads will be displayed to audiences within an hour. It is highly effective if managed correctly by a professional like me. Costs can be controlled, sales tracked and hence the revenue attributed easily.

Fact Check –

  •  Survey: 90% of customers say buying decisions are Influenced by online reviews - marketingland
  • 87% of potential customers won’t consider businesses with low ratings - searchengineland

Is your business social friendly?

Social media marketing is a new trend when it comes to online marketing as it continues to grow in importance for lot businesses. No business with an online presence or wish to establish an online presence should risk showing the blind eye to platforms where people socialize and make purchase decisions. To ensure that your business is associating with the right audience and in the right way, your business requires your social media advertising campaigns to be taken care of by a professional, who understands not just social media marketing, but also your business and its specific customers. As a social media marketing agency in Dubai, we are doing just the quality work.

Why it’s time for businesses to make use of social media?

Social media has developed beyond its roots and is being used almost by every person who uses the Internet on private computers to Smartphone from professionals to teenagers, pensioners to full-time mothers. By tapping social media, they enter into a massive marketing channel whilst socializing with friends, family, and colleagues in your targeted demographic. Facebook statistics states that between 2015 and 2016, it had 1.5 billion users who log in to Facebook at least once a month excluding other social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Take into consideration this whopping number of people that use only Facebook, you can comprehend the power of social media marketing in engaging a vast target audience.

Leveraging social interaction effectively

Certainly, there is no doubt people will purchase from a company that is reliable and has a solid online presence which in turn boost customer confidence. Over 87.34% customers today will research about a company online before making a buy. Hence, online reputation is where a lot of customer's trust is placed. Your business needs an exceptional talent to proceed ahead and obtain quality leads that convert into paying customers, in addition, to help your presence in the social world.

Our Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai, break barriers by obtaining real results adding ultimate value and hence maximize ROI (Return on investment) eventually.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has turned out to be one of the best platforms nowadays and there are various focal points related to it. Not only it lets people connect with family and friends but also a handy tool to find products or services, in a business perspective it’s an opportunity to advertise our business to a target audience within the network. A fact known to every business owner is that marketing strategies of a business can have an immense impact on business' growth and success. Therefore, its important for business owners to make smart decisions when making strategies to promote their products or services to draw more customers, and maximize the share of profit. Facebook is a unique platform to carry out interruptive ads for businesses looking for quick conversions through hot leads.

Here are certain advantages of Social media ads:

• The costs associated with leads are not substantial comparing to a billboard advertisement or a TV ad
• You can share information about your business to a large targeted audience through social media
• Find targeted customers who are specifically looking for products or services you offer
• Communicate with potential new customers or existing customers via social media directly through the contact us page, direct messaging service or the newly introduced messenger chat service on Facebook. This gives a personal interaction rather than communicating via email.
• Generate more traffic to your business website.
• Better search engine positions via links and references.
• Feedback: Your customers and clients will be able to share their opinion about your products and services. Good reviews are what everyone looks for before making a purchase.

Social Media Marketing Management Process 

  • Social Media page creation (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn)
  •  Integrate social media buttons into business website
  • Market research
  • Unique content creation including logo embedded images
  • Campaign creation and management for Pay Per Click Ads
  • A/B testing to experiment audience interaction
  • Daily budget management
  • Ads analytics report
  • Brand monitoring and reputation management
  • User engagement by answering client queries

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